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Introducing the Telemedicine video appointment service

Save time, avoid traffic and parking! Video appointments with your doctor are easy and can be booked at your convenience.

Telemedicine video appointments are now offered at For Women OBGYN, patients can now join Dr. Donald online over a secure video connection for minor issues. Appointments can be completed in the comfort of your home on your webcam enabled laptop, iPhone, or iPad.

Our Telemedicine service provides same quality experience as patients get in their regular in-person appointments. Video appointments with doctor Donald are personalized face-to-face interactions over HD video.


What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is the remote diagnosis and treatment of patients by means of telecommunications technology.

What type of appointments are offered as video appointments?

Routine follow-up care, Reviewing lab results, Prescription refills. Reviewing imaging results such as Dexascans, mammograms, and ultrasounds, in addition to most appointments that do not require a physical exam such as consultations about infertility or changing birth control

Do I still need to book an in-person appointment?

During your video appointment, Dr. Donald will determine if an in-person visit is needed at a later date.

How can I join the Telemedicine appointment?

Easily join a video appointment in 3 steps:

What type of devices can be used for video appointments?

Laptop or desktop computer with a webcam, iPhone, iPad or android devices

What is the cost of a video appointment?

In most cases, video appointments cost the same as in-person office appointments. Choose to pay through your health insurance provider or out of pocket.


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